[SOLVED] ZWave Node Config

I’m using a battery-driven Multisensor zooz ZSE40 with the measure of humidy and temperature. The update of this values takes a long time, so I contact the manufacturer.

He wrote:

The sensor will only report according to thresholds set by default or adjusted in advanced settings. If you’d like it to report temperature and humidity more often, we recommend setting the reporting threshold lower:

Parameter: 2, size: 1 byte dec, Value: 5

Parameter: 3, size: 1 byte dec, Value: 5

How can I do that? Can I update it in karaf? In the web-ui I had nothing found.?


You can find the device configuration in the thing settings in the UI (HABmin or PaperUI).

So the parameter number in the mail is the parameter number in the configuration in the web-ui?
I’d try it, in the habmin-ui the two parameters now pending…

Thanks for the fast reply

To speed that up you should wake the device up until the pending mark disappears …