[SOLVED] [ZWave] Widom Smart Double Switch not recognised, PaperUI showing wrong info?


I have a Widom switch (WDS2) which is not recognised. I first thought the DB entry is missing. The device manufacturer and the device ID that paperUI shows are not in the DB:

When I checked the XML file however the device ID and the manufacturer IDs were diffierent. HABmin shows the values from the XML:

For these IDs there is a value in the DB. However, Openhab still says that the device is not in the DB:

Does anybody know why? The logs:

Probably you are using an old version of the binding. I’d suggest to update to the latest snapshot.

Thanks! :pensive: did not think of this…

Where can I find the latest .jar (if I understood correctly then I would need to remove the binding installed via PaperUI and install the .jar manually)? Would I lose the configuration or can I just uninstall and reinstall the binding and the configuration remains?

Edit: it looks like PaperUI converts the value to DEC. I assume it is already DEC and should not be converted again though?

I managed to install 2.5. In case anybody else needs instructions: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is working now :slight_smile:

hello everybody! after a little pressing but widom in now fully compatible with openhab. be sure to have the latest firmware version. i’m doing the testing right now with the latest 2.5 snapshot of zwave binding

Which devices are now compatible? And what did not work before?