Some basic widgets

I made some basic widgets,maybe they help someone.
5x shutter/light/switch in a column.

5xShutter.widget.json (5.5 KB)
5xSwitch.widget.json (4.3 KB)
5xLight.widget.json (4.2 KB)


THANK YOU so much!
How are they used (Dumb it down to beginner level please)

+1 dummy here.

The files that @olir attached are exported custom widget files.

To import the widget:
-Find the settings menu for habpanel.
-Click the button “Custom Widgets” -> “Manage”
-Click the button “Import”
-Find the file that you downloaded and click “OK”

To use the widget (“5xLight” in this example):
-Go to the panel you want to add the widget.
-Put the panel in edit mode.
-Click “+Widget” in the top right.
-Down at the bottom you should see “5xLight”
-Once you add it, you must change the settings for the widget to assign the item that you want to change.

I hope this helps!

@olir could you add some screenshots to your original post so it appears nicely in the new widget gallery?

Thanks! :wink: