Some "dynamic" icons not working in the main UI


I’m switching to the new UI. Some icons like the cistern are not reflecting the level.
The lightbulb icon and garagedoor icon don’t have this problem.
What could be the cause of this.
Example of cistern (not working)

Number huidigeWaterStandPercentage "Waterstand [%.0f %%]" <cistern> (eWaterput) ["Measurement"]

Example of lightbulk (working)

Only for the item types highlighted in the code the state is taken into consideration by default. Numbers are deliberately excluded by default, to avoid situations where an item with a state that changes very often, like multiple times per second, would cause a lot of icon requests.
Switches, Rollershutters, Contacts, Dimmers are generally considered to be more “stable”.

To activate the same behavior for a Number item, you have to add metadata to change the “Default List Item Widget”.

Then you can activate the “Icon depends on state” switch (note that you have to check “Show advanced” to see it).

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Thanks a lot for the explanation! Makes sense to do this only for items which state is more or less stable.
Changed the value as you described in the explanation and the icon is now reflecting the number value.