Some HUE devices are shown offline, but they are working


some of my HUE devices are shown as offline in the things browser. If I select one of them, pause it, and enable it again, it’s online. Anyhow it’s working if it’s offline or online. So it seems to be a cosmetic issue. The crazy thing is, that a lot of my HUE devices connected to the same bridge, does not have that issue. Maybe the issued ones or the most far away ones. But they are working…

Any ideas how to fix that? Or is that a bridge issue?

I’m running OpenHAB3.1.1 with HUE binding 3.1.1

I have this problem with about half of my zigbee devices. I use the Norteck Z-wave/Zigbee USB Hub.

ALL of my Phillips Hue bulbs have this behavior. They will show offline after awhile, but work just fine. I also see the same problem with my LEDADVANCE A19 RGBW bulbs as well (I’m pretty sure they are 1:1 knock offs of the Phillips) All my other Zigbee devices appear to stay online. They will also go back online if they are power cycled, so I assume there is some keep alive ping they aren’t checking in for.