Some install roadblocks, z-wave binding, MiOS, and Habmin

Apologies if this should be in the beginner section, not sure if you are mixing OH1 and OH2 stuff yet.

Second time around, hopefully more successful than last…

Got OH2 installed and showing up. Yeah!

  1. Tried to install Z-Wave binding from Paper UI and… nothing (kind of). In the Configuration section under Bindings Z-Wave shows but when I click “More” I just see a black tint come over the screen and I can’t click anything. Going manually into ect/openhab2/services/addons there is no config file for the binding.

  2. I’m using a Vera with MiOS binding but have an Aeon Labs Z-Stick on the way to start porting stuff over. MiOS binding seems to be all set, installed but had to configure manually in the file (didn’t show up in configuration section). Should I see stuff in the Inbox from the MiOS generated file or does it need to go into a sitemap before going into the Inbox (leading me to 3…)?

  3. How does one install Habmin2? I see reference to needing the Z-wave binding (see above) and putting a .jar file into the addons folder. Where is this .jar? People say “use the install instructions” and point to a link but there are no instructions there. I saw it changed repository locations so I’m not sure I’m even looking in the right place.

I’m a linux NOOB so I could have very easily messed things up along the way. Thanks for any pointing in the right direction.


  1. Did you try to add the z wave serial device (configuration–>thing menu in paperUI)?

  2. I think mios config must be done manually in .items files in config/items/ - there is a tool that does that for you - see ‘mios item generator’ scroll down at

  3. Download habmin jar from
    Put in addons folder. I believe it may be available from the gui in short time though.

Hope this helps!


There are no binding configuration parameters, so this is blank. You need to install the stick as a thing and configure that - see here (

Edit the addons.cfg file in the conf/services folder and change the following line -:

# A comma-separated list of UIs to install (e.g. "basic,paper")
ui = basic,paper,habmin

Or go to Extensions in PaperUI and install it from there.

Thanks Olav, but I’m all set with the MiOS. I did the transformation. I just wanted to mention that there was no configuration in Paper UI, I had to configure the mios.cfg file manually because I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be in Paper UI or not.

OK, got it. Was confused because the Z-Wave binding came up under configure but the MiOS did not.

I’m not sure if I have a current version because there is no listing for Habmin in Extensions.

MIOS is an OH1 binding, so won’t have any configuration in the OH2 environment. I guess if PaperUI is displaying a blank configuration when there isn’t anything to configure, it’s probably a bug in PaperUI…

It should be under User Interfaces - if it’s not there, then I would suggest getting a newer runtime as the method I described of adding it to the addons.cfg file also won’t work.

:slight_smile: Sorry, I didn’t read your post thoroughly enough. Also didn’t know habmin was already out via paper/addons.cfg, that’s super Chris! I guess I have to update my installation as well.