Some items do not get values from the KNX bus


I would ask for your help on the following issue.
I installed a brand-new energy smart metering KNX device to measure me energy consumption and productions. The KNX device does measure the consumption live and sends them to the KNX bus which I can see via the ETS bus monitoring tool.

The binding (working already some years for multiple KNX devices) received values and sends them to the Group Addresses configured in the KNX Binding.
But unfortunately only for some, I get values on the items.

  • Live values for power on the 3 lines i do get
  • counter values of the meter (the KNX device sends updates per 1 KWh consumed and periodically) I do not get.

Side information:

  • I started with a test setup first and changed the unit at the meter from kWh to Wh and back und suddenly it worked.
  • after playing around I had reset the KNX meter to start over with a new untouched setup. and since then I don’t get it to work. The issue is I don’t want to play around with the units as it obviously crashes the chart with quite high amounts obviously (kWh to Wh) but as mentioned, the KNX bus sees the values of the meter reported.

Please let me know if you have any ideas what the issue could be.

Happy to provide also images if that helps.

Many thanks

posting some how your configuration is done may help in debugging further.

Sure, please find some attached…

The KNX bus monitor shows how the smart meter reports the values, e.g. for total consumption (Energieverbrauch gesamt) - the last value in the line

Channel of the thing KNX Smart Meter ist listening to the KNX Group Address 5/0/5

Item receives no value (zero - 0)

Item configuration - I reduced it to the minimum to avoid mistakes there…

screenshot on the sitemap to show that the KNX device as such works and delivers also other values:

Hope this helps, if you need more, please give me a hint…

many thanks,

what type of datapoint you chose for the number chanel?

not sure if I understand the question correctly. Do you mean in the ETS of KNX?
its a float value

no i mean in openhab

looks like that.

 Type number : generate_active_power_live "Measurement" [ga="9.024:6/1/0"]
Number Generated_Active_power_live "Total generated active power[%.1f kWh]" (gss_measure) ["Energy"] {channel="knx:device:bridge:router:generate_active_power_live"}

ah many thanks for the advice! I was not aware that I can add the datapoint to the group address… now it’s working, many thanks!

interestingly it does not work with the above mentioned DPT 9.024 but with the DPT i found on the KNX bus, which is 13.023 (or similar)…

so many thanks for your help, that helped a lot :smile: