Some items won't add to groups (Insteon, openhab2)

I have a strange insteon configuration problem. The sample code below creates an “All Lights” group. Everything except the dining room light and the living room light get added to it correctly. Those lights work fine individually, but not as part of the group. I have no problems sending an All Lights On command, it just won’t do those two lights.

I’ve tried shifting the order around. BTW, I’m using an Echo and the Hue Bridge. It controls the group fine, but does require my group names to be before the tag. Oh, this is Openhab2 installation that I did today using the repositories. I’m having trouble finding version information… where would I find it? It’s on a Raspberry Pi 2 running jessie from 9/23/16.

How can I debug this problem?


Group Lights      "All Lights" [ "Lighting" ]

Switch backhall "Back Hall Light" [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="20.88.fc:F00.00.02#switch"}

Switch bedroomside "Bedroom Side Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="A.1:X00.00.01#switch"}

Switch electronicsroom "Electronics Room Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="20.76.82:F00.00.02#switch"}
Switch fronthall "Front Hall Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm=""}
Switch livingroom "Living Room Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm=""}
Switch office "Office Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm=""}
Switch diningroom "Dining Room Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm="1f.ed.6f:F00.00.02#switch"}

Switch bedroom "Bedroom Light" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm=""}
Switch diningroomC "Office Lights" (Lights) [ "Lighting" ] {insteonplm=",group=0xf5"}

DateTime CurrentDate            "Date [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]"   <calendar>  { channel="ntp:ntp:demo:dateTime" }

Launch the karaf console, it’s shown there or take a look on line 9 and 10 in

Where did you find this syntax??? Take a look at items definition and adapt that to your item:

Also your group definition is wrong, for correct syntax take a look here:

Hi sihui,

Thanks for the reply! Sorry, but I’m not seeing the problems that you’re seeing. What is wrong with the item definitions? The group definitions are like the simplified definition, but include a label text and the tag that the Hue emulator needs…

The syntax that leads to the [ “Lighting” ] tag was found in this post:

Here’s the build information from the file:

\u001B[31m    /_/                       \u001B[0m 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT\u001B[0m\r\n\
\u001B[31m                              \u001B[0m Build #527   \u001B[0m\r\n\

Thank you!

I don’t use that binding and saw just an item definition which is not standard. So my guess was it is a wrong definition and that is your problem.
Apparently I was wrong :joy: