Some Nodes don't issue change events on manual change (since 2.3 anymore)

I just realized that since the 2.3 update (via apt-get / stable) some of the ZWave nodes don’t issue the change events anymore. So if I’m manually triggering e.g. some of the Fibaro Double Switches, the OpenHAB instance doesn’t get notified.

Any Idea were this change in behaviour might come from? The issue is only zwave related. All other bindings in use behave as before (otherwise I would immediately habe noticed). And to make things even more weird, not all nodes of the same type are affected.

I did the usual nonsense like restarting or removing the nodes from OH (but not the zwave network) and did not find any note, that this happens in general

I’m not great with zwave problems but the first thing I would check is that those nodes are using association group 1. That is what will cause the devices to report these changes to the controller. Beyond that I’ll be if no further help.

Just one small point - it’s not always group 1 so please read the doc for the device. ZWave Plus mandates group 1 as the lifeline for notification of changes to a central controller, but many devices still use other groups.

For most Fibaro devices it’s still common to use group 3.

Thanks for your answers. I’m not 100% sure where to look for the groups and grepped

grep -B2 Life /var/lib/openhab2/zwave/*

(To be sure to get the Liveline, which in my case really is Group 1 for any switchable device.)

/var/lib/openhab2/zwave/node2.xml-      <associationGroup>
/var/lib/openhab2/zwave/node2.xml-        <index>1</index>
/var/lib/openhab2/zwave/node2.xml:        <name>Lifeline</name>

Did a rollback and forward to 2.2 and back to 2.3 which didn’t change too much, which I - see headline - really had expected. Hm.

Additionally I now from the log am sure that there are no ZWave Events arriving (ZWaveController/ZWaveThingHandler) for some of the nodes while others are still happily sending the change events.

So, as of now, this needn’t be a 2.2/2.3 update issue but something changed in my ZWave network or in the devices, which I’m not aware of and have no idea how to dig for.

The documentation for the device should mention this. Look into the Thing in Habmin or PaperUI to see what the value is set to. It may only be in the development version of the binding, but you may run into the UI bug in Habmin for displaying associations. It is best to use Habmin for modifying zwave device configurations.
If this is your device, it it has a lot of configuration parameters that could be pertinent here too. You may want ot check that they are set properly.

I think you mentioned you had already done this, but if checking/assigning your association groups doesn’t fix it, I suggest deleting/discovering all of your zwave Things (for clarity, this does not mean exclusion). Back when the binding allowed my dimmers to report scenes, I had to do this after every binding update to get them reporting again.

I’m a bit confused about this link with relation to this report - or in fact in relation to “allowing dimmers to report scenes”. Can you elaborate on how this is linked here - as I understand, this is about the master binding, not the development branch?


another finding which helps me for the urgent cases in my network:

In the PaperUI Thing Configuration - the pointer from @5iver - the Liveline can be changed from empty / auto - which should mean report to main controller - to some selected device.

So, it does with the empty default state for all of my devices not give me a hint about the assiciation group, but at least can be changed to a fixed value. Selecting the OpenHAB controller helped me.

Since by playing around with this, this broken my working reference-device. I’ll keep on looking into the issue - but with lower priority.

I was just providing a back story on why I thought deleting the zwave Things might resolve the issue. I had to do it after almost every binding update to get reports from the devices. Resetting associations did not help. Thought it may be pertinent here… and saw an opportunity to make an off-hand ping you at the same time :wink:!