Some rules didn't work after migration (executecommandline, python)

Hi all,
Upgraded from 2.5.11 to 3.0 using openhabian.
Everything go smooth except some rules didn’t work.

Number:Dimensionless Analog_Light

rule “Dark”
Time cron “0 */5 * * * ?” or

where will return the lux reading from GPIO and it work fine from command line.
The problem is item Analog_Light never got update

Any help or hints are welcome.
Thanks in advance.

Try running that command from a shell script. OH execution does not have a shell environment.

As the openhab user?

arguments of executeCommandLine in OH3 have to be separated parameters.

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Check here for an example: Jython helper libraries for OH3 - #24 by rkrisi

It did not appear to me they were using the helper libraries.

That makes no difference for the syntax of the executeCommanLine method.

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