Some Zigbee devices appear OFFLINE but still work

I have about 35 zigbee devices and some of them (not sure how consistent the set is) show the Thing to be OFFLINE … however sometimes, in this case a contact, if i OPEN the contact, I still get an Event from the Item indicating the OPEN. This tells me that the Thing thinks it is OFFLINE but it really isn’t. Some devices go OFFLINE and back ONLINE very quickly (within seconds) which probably explains the other issue I have with sendCommands being missed. Also, it appears that commanding a device to change when it is OFFLINE wakes it up and it then reports that is ONLINE … does that make sense?

The set of devices reporting OFFLINE are in various parts of the house (ie. are not all in an area that may have poorer reception from the controller (one is very near the controller) … right now, there are five OFFLINE (2 contacts, 2 lights and an Outlet) … most from different makers. And as I say, this isn’t always the same set of devices reporting OFFLINE.

Does this sound familiar and is there some best practices I should be looking at?

In my jython code I’m going to add Thing status checking to see how often a device is OFFLINE when commanded, which I can Log, that should give me some more data.

They’d probably like you to identify your Zigbee controller model.

Good point. It’s the Dual USB zwave/zigbee … Ember EM35x Coordinator

Are you using the zigbee binding, or another binding?

What do the logs show is happening? If this is the ZigBee binding, then presumably the device is not reporting state at the time the binding expects. The binding sets the reporting period of the devices, so it knows when the device should send a report. If it misses two status updates, it will try and poll the device, if after 30 seconds it still hasn’t received a status update then it will be marked offline.

Or maybe something else is happening - the logs will really help here.

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Yes, OpenHab Zigbee Binding

Basically two issues: 1) I see the some Things occasionally go offline, then come back. 2) Thing shows Offline, but when I activate the device (like Open the contact), the Event happens.

Agreed, logs will help … let me get a repeatable case to occur so it’s more clear.

Ok. After the device sends an Event, it goes back ONLINE Then sometime later will go OFFLINE.

Let me gather more data and a concise log.

Correct. Once it reports again it is marked ONLINE again and the process I mentioned above repeats. My guess is that the device is not reporting at the rate the binding tried to configure.

It would also be worth knowing what the devices are. We know for example that some of the Chinese devices just do their own thing when it comes to reporting and ignore the configuration sent by the controller.

It’s a SmartThings Multiv4 sensor … manufacturer code 0x110a