Someone knows a binding of Tuya smart that is stable?

As time progresses, more and more intelligent devices are created by different companies. Among them we find the TUYA SMART or SMART LIFE DEVICES.
My question is, is there any advance or development of a complement for these devices to be able to link them with openhab? This would be great as they sell many devices at a very low cost that could be affordable for anyone. I think that every time openhab is updated the advances regarding compatibility have been very few.

This would be very good for the community, as well as creating an option with a timer that allows programming the on or off at a certain time.

I was mainly using the tuya mqtt plugin but when multiple devices are added they are constantly disconnected and connected.

It would be good to create a link between all of them that not only allows adding switches or electrical outlets, but also allows multiple devices to be added. within them a link that allows adding cameras

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It would be good if tuya integrated their devices

even im eagerly waiting to find a way to communicate with the smart-life devices without internet and without flashing custom firmware

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