Something went wrong in setting up new password ? I'm stuck :(

Hi all, yes I,m brand new to this world…
I just installed Openhab2 on Rpi3, but when I changed the username/password something must went wrong,
I can’t login. I try putty or directly on the RPI, It’s a no go.
the UI via web browser work, but … :confused:

On the RPI it boot and stop at user login, I can’t use the only thing I found:
ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost

Please help me someone :roll_eyes:

Are you using openHABian or vanilla Raspbian?
You changed the password for which user? (openhabian or pi)

This command opens the login for the Kraft console. Infos here:

But I do not know if you want to open that or the login to the server…

Do you use openhabian?

Hi, Thank you!
I’m using openHABian2,
I changed both ! :confused:

Might have to reformat the micro sd card, it’s not that bad,
but if there is another path…

the other path is much more complex than reinstalling openHABian :slight_smile:
do a re-install and you will be fine

Hi thank !!
I want to reset or change my password so I can connect to openhabian and RPI, both pw have been change…
The UI on Http:\AdressIP:8080 is working, but I have some work to do on the RPI…

For the Kraft console, I taught it was for Putty, I was searching forum for anything related to reset the password… :confused:

Ok !
thank you,

shame on me ! :frowning: lol