Somfy blinds: RFXCOM vs Somfy URTSI II binding

I would like to control blinds with Somfy motor (came with a remote control).

From what I have found, I have a choice between RFXCOM binding via RFXtrx433E and Somfy URTSI II binding via the Somfy bridge.

What is a better choice? Are there any differences in functionality?

Currently, I do not have either of the needed devices.
I am running OH2 on Raspbeery Pi 3 and have a Tellstick (which I would replace with RFXtrx433E if I went for RFXCOM) and a Z-wave stick).

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i’m using somfy blinds as well. i thing there are 2 different protocolls, one is the “conventionsl” 433mhz, the other is something “somfy - specific”. what i know about it:

open, not two directional, works with rfxcom transmitter

somfy - specific:
safer, two directional, but only works with a tahoma bridge and access to the internet is a requirement

I use the tahoma bridge, because i was not gifted enough to set up the rfxcom. it works fine with the somfy tahoma binding. but, time ago, somfy changed it’s api, so i had to wait until someone chaned the binding. and the internet access requirement is a “no go” - if you can, choose something “open”