Somfy Connexoon App End Of Life - Any issue?

Hello Everyone,

I’m using a somfy connexoon gateway ( to control my shutters with the connexoon app (
And the Somfy binding (Somfy Tahoma - Bindings | openHAB) to control them from openhab.

Soon, the connexoon app will be removed, and the somfy connexoon account needs to be switched to the tahoma platform. (Utilisateurs Connexoon, téléchargez votre nouvelle app TaHoma | Somfy)

Is there any issue to be expected with the somfy tahoma binding ?

Thank you


I currently also have a Somfy Connexoon gateway and have always been using it with the Tahoma app without any issue. The binding works also without problem.

I think it is a little bit different in the different Somfy geographies, Somfy UK don’t seem to use the same systems as the US or France for example. Hopefully this is a move on their side to try and consolidate into a more unified solution, rather than their seemingly disparate product options and controls currently.

But looking at that page (I can’t find anything on Somfy UK about that myself), they say the Connexoon App will be supported until 2027, so it doesn’t seem like an immediate issue.

They also mention that after migrating to Tahoma App, the Conexoon “box” can be used for more things, so I would assume no need to change the hardware.
If you do move to the Tahoma App, then I would guess the only real difference would be possibly needing to update the Portal in the Binding configuration.

Personally, this seems like a good thing but I will definitely be waiting to see how it goes for others first, if Somfy UK even do the same thing, I’ve definitely had more issues than I would like with the OH <> Somfy setup because of their mess of systems.


I switched yesterday from connexoon to tahoma. It went fine.
I didn’t have to delete or update the bridge and gateway things. A couple of enable/disable on them and it went OK.
The only thing I had to really do was to recreate some scenarios, because the default one created with connexoon were not working anymore (although they still showed ‘ONLINE’).


What is the process of switching? I’m unable to control the Conexoon from the somfytahoma binding. It keeps reporting bade credentials.

When i try to manually login @ i get the same error (wrong user/pass). So, clicked forgot password, routed to, reset the password and finally can login to
It shows the connexoon as expected. The binding stiull reports bad credentails (re-initailized it). So i go back to and it keeps reporting wrong user/pass. I did this circle several times without success.

Just downloaded the tahoma app from my phone and after i login it restarts the login procedure without any error. Again repeating the same deosn’t help. Really stuck now. Any advice?

Had to deal with same problem… I first could not log in at the new “TaHoma”-app. Meanwhile I reset my password few times. I also logged in at (guess in Germany its and various countries see above) and activated the developer mode. My credentials were accepted in openHAB again and also I could log in at “TaHoma”-app. Even activating “developer mode” in openHAB successfully connected via LAN. I doubt this was only done with activating developer mode at the website…maybe Somfy server had been slow and passwort reset took above 15 minutes…