Somfy IO Roller Shutters - "Old" TahomaBox and necessity of Internet Connection

i already searched and read through the various topics regarding Somfy Roller Shutters controlled via IO protocol.

Maybe i will replace my rollershutters some time with other hardware, but at first i have to deal with it.
All of them are controlled via IO Shutter switches.

To keep the costs low i want to buy a older and used TahomaBox
(this one)
and then control everything only via OH3 and Somfy Binding


  • Has anyone experience in using the “old one” compared to the current model?
  • I will anyway use those devices just to control all of my stuff via OH3, but i dont know if the old model is much more problematic than the new one


  • How does the Somfy service work?
  • I read, that all commands are running through Somfy-services online but at the Somfy-Page it is written that “Without internet connection, the functions are limited”
  • Does everything work as expected if i inhibit internet access to the TahomaBox once each device is configured?

Thanks in advance

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