Somfy MyLink (Somfy Synergy API) binding

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I am looking for bindings for the Somfy MyLink device. It’s an IP based device that supports the Somfy Synergy API. I have manually sent TCP/IP socket commands to it and can fire binds up and down etc… But i am new to OH2 and am looking for guidance on integrating with this.

Im a software developer, so if the answer is “write a binding” i will do that! But thought i would see if someone had dealt with this device before.


I created the following github issue to track this binding.

@chrisjohnson Just saw this thread. I’m getting ready to order some Somfy-motorized blinds. I was planning to use the Zwave RTS Interface (ZRTSI), as I already have a Z-Wave network. But, I didn’t realize there’s an API available for the MyLink. Do you happen to have a link to the API spec?

Nevermind. Here it is.


I don’t think that link is to the API for the MyLink. This is from the docs “a Somfy box (TaHoma or Connexoon) with Somfy protocols will be required”.

I found a few things online about sending json commands locally to the mylink. I have basic control of the blinds working via MyLink from a new OpenHAB binding. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to finish it and submit it however.


Yes, you’re right. I can’t find the API for the MyLink, butu I saw several posts about a PDF that contained the spec. I have a request out to Somfy to see if I can get that spec.

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First version of the code is ready for anyone that wants to try it.

PR is here:

@chrisjohnson and @mhilbush , Are there any developments on the Somfy MyLink Binding?
I am about to acquire several screens which will be automated by Somfy motors, so i am very interested in automating them with OH2. But i do not want to buy a TaHoma device, or a rfxcom rfxtrx433e. The Somfy MyLink device looks a nice reasonable priced solution…

I’ve been using @chrisjohnson’s binding for a while now. It works well. Chris submitted a PR to have it included in the distribution (which reminds me that I promised Chris I’d do an initial code review).

@deltabert the PR is submitted but not approved yet. In the mean time you can manually drop in the build of the binding and use that. The MyLink has been working well for me for a year or so now.

FYI to anyone interested the PR has now been merged and looks like it will go into 2.5.6 when it’s released.

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