Somfy Tahoma Binding not available in OpenHAB 2.3.0 Paper UI

Hi. After a long break from OpenHAB I installed openHAB- on my Synology DS215j. The installation was easy, but I cannot find the Somfy Tahoma Binding in Add-ons. According to this site it should be available:
I also added the Eclipse IoT Market, but it didn’t make any difference.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


In the upper right column you sill see a little box that says “Version”. By default (unfortunately), the most recent version of the docs are shown. Most recent means the 2.4 Snapshot.

You are running 2.3. If you select 2.3 from that version list you will find that the page disappears. This means the binding did not exist in version 2.3.

You will need to use the latest milestone build or snapshot to use this binding. Or wait a month or two for 2.4 to be released.

Hi Rich. Looking at this site, where can I find the latest milestone build or snapshot

I don’t know how releases or where packages are for Synology.

The Synology package was released on 8-Jan-2019 and the Somfy Tahoma binding works :slight_smile: