Somfy Tahoma binding - support starting offline (local-only)


I am using Openhab 4.1.3 with the Somfy Tahoma Binding to control a Tahoma Switch in Developer Mode using offline (local) access.

This works great, but still requires starting the binding with internet (cloud) connectivity. For my use case, I’d like to be able to (re)start openhab/binding in offline mode as well. This, however, seems not possible; the binding always starts with logging in into the Somfy portal (internet), and fails to start if that is not possible (Communication Error: “Getting login cookie timeout”)

Would it be possible to support starting up in offline mode (with local access only) if a valid token is available - even if no internet access is present?

Or perhaps this is already possible, and I am missing something?

Thank you,


Decided to open a Feature Request on Github (EDIT: Seems Github has flagged my account, rendering my first github issue invisible - trying to get this fixed).

All discussion is still welcome!