Somfy Tahoma Binding

Hi all,
I install a Tahoma box, it work correctly and i install Tahoma binding 2.2 and it work also.
My configuration is shutters (IO) a luminosity sensor, a alarm (Protexial io) and the Tahoma.
My Tahoma see the alarm and can set On the Alarm, but OH2 see the shutters, the luminosity sensor, can execute Tahoma programs but no thing about alarm.
Are there special config for alarm?


I wanted to ask you if you were able solve problem with alarm? Are you able to turn sirene on/off from Openhab?

Thank you

I’m interested too !

I want to install a Tahoma wiche can use Protexial siren.
But, i don’t know if this siren can be controled by openhab (arm/disam/on/off).
The binding mentioned that’s possible :

@jfb3210 did you solve your problem ?