Somfy Tahoma with VELUX shutter

Hi all,

I already using the somfy addon for my VELUX IO-homecontrol shutter since a while. The addon is working great. However, I just face an issue with direction changes.

Lets assume I move the shutter from position 0% to 100% and during the move I want to change the direction again to lets say 10%. Unfortunately I cannot immediately send a new position to the addon. I always have to send a STOP command first, wait at least 2 seconds and afterwards send a new position command.

Is this a known behavior or can I do anything to prevent sending STOP commands first, before changing the position during a move?

Thanks in advice.

I don’t know but I am going to venture a guess here.
This is probably built in the blind controller to protect the mechanism and electrical circuit

Imagine putting your car in reverse when moving forward. You’ll blow your gear box. Same here. The motor gears could suffer damage.
Furthermore there can by high inductive currents inside a motor. They’ll be even higher if you try to force a motor to do something it doesn’t want to do like going against inertia. And that could produce high inductive currents feedback into the circuits (There are way to protect for that) but also currents inside the motor that could potentially destroy it.

So it’s always better to stop before reversing direction