Somfy /Tahomalink cloud problems?

Since a week or so i’m unable to use the Somfy/Tahoma devices from openhab. The bridge shows an login failed error. When i manually login. I get different results.

  1. => After login i get a pop-up “An error occured on the server”
  2. => After login i get some prettified exception page. It looks like some rate limit has exceeded. I’m not aware of this.

The binding is setup to: Refresh: 30 / Status Timeout 300 / Retries 10 / Retry delay 1000.
I have disbled the binding for now. Hopefully the quota for the rate limiter gets reset at some point in time. I really hate all this cloud stuff, oneday i hope to find a device that can control all Somfy stuff locally.

More users having this problem? Any advice?

First thing to check is the protocol that your Somfy devices use, what kind of devices are they and do you want to invest in a different solution than Tahomalink?

Protocol: RTS, io or combination?

A lot of Somfy io protocol devices can be controlled using the Velux KLF200, which is a local device. No issues with the cloud :slight_smile: Downside is an investment of about 200 Euro, probably less. Note that this is for window shades, curtains, blinds, windows, etc. Don’t know for opening gates or switching lighting or electrical outlets, however I wouldn’t know why one would use Somfy devices for the latter two as there are so many cheaper and probably better brands / solutions.

For RTS you might want to look into RFXCOM. Personally no experience with that.

I was not trying to start a thread about alternatives. But somehow the service is working again.

I learned that there is a new and better alternative then the klf200

I had the same issue. Disabled the bridge for almost a day.
Then reactivated it and set the Refresth to 120, so 4 times less checks.
Personally I don’t need an update every 30 seconds as I only have 1 awning. Currently working fine.

EDIT: even with 120 I got blocked. Now set to 3600 (60min) and it keeps on working. For me it is fine as only have 1 awning for this.

Well, I just got my Somfy Connectivity kit - configured to control a rollershutter (IO) and 2 screens (RTS). All works fine from the Somfy Tahoma app.
Next installed the binding in OH3 - binding is online and found the 3 devices/things in the inbox. Added a control channel for each thing, turns out that I can only control the IO device (rollershutter) - not the screens.
I do see one difference: the screens are discovered as somfytahoma:screen: whereas the rollershotter is discoverd as somfytahoma:shutter:. Afaik the binding should support RTS screens and shutters - any suggestions?

Looks like I provided the answer myself - I added on of the RTS screens again in the Somfy app but this time pretended it was a shutter - disabled/enabled the binding in OH to get it discovered. Now it showed up as somfytahoma:shutter. - created a control channel again and - huray - I can control it now.
Maybe the binding could be changed handle screens and shutters in the same way - less confusion …

Any advice with this? Allways blocked after a week.

Some recommended values for refresh and status?

Thanks in advance.

Did you try the local mode? Much faster and less chance to get throttled.

Of course, I checked Developer Mode to work with LAN Mode. Hangs ocurrs same way.

After a week later, I experience the same behavior.

In Somfy app, box appears disconnected and somfytahoma binding can´t register events.

What is the problem here?

I have the same problem. I switched on the debugging for the binding and identified a problem:
There are a lot of calls to the API. And every 1 hour there is an autodiscovery call, which fails very often. It seems that Somfy does not like this and the API raises an 401 error.
you can check this by switching on debug mode in the console:
openhab> log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.somfytahoma

But it seems, that with each command the system wakes up. I am currently calling each command twice with a delay of 2 seconds and this works.