Sonance binding add-ons marketplace


I was wondering why my Sonance binding isn’t listed in the Add-ons “marketplace”?
It’s running on my OH2 fine. Do I need to change something to get it included?



The marketplace is established for bindings that are not (yet) part of a OH Version (release or snapshot). Your binding however is part of OH1-addons and can therefore automatically installed. A marketplace version needs to be installed by placing it into the addons folder after EACH update

Off-topic but I don’t think that’s correct - you don’t place marketplace addons into the addons folder, they get installed from the marketplace binary repo.

Correct! I did only provide a binding in there, sorry.

So if I make a change to the binding, then it will appear in the marketplace?
By marketplace I mean the Add-on part of the Paper UI.

Bad choice of phrase I’m afraid. If you enable the ESH marketplace you will see both official addons and addons that have been submitted to the ESH marketplace in the Paper UI list. So your use of “marketplace” is unclear.

Are you talking about local changes or changes that have been accepted as part of a pull request?

I didn’t known the existence of the ESH marketplace.
So the thing is that I wrote a Sonance plugin + documentation. It was installable using apt-get, so it was part of the 1.9 branche. Now I don’t see it in the Add-on > binding tab while I do see other pre 2.0 plugins in that list. So from what I understand the reason is that my plugin isn’t changed since 1.9 is the reason for not being in that list? So if I update the plugin, it will enter that list after it’s accepted by a pull request?

But anyhow, the best approach would be rewriting it as a 2.0 plugin.

IMHO 1.9 bindings are those OH1 bindings that are tested to be working under OH2.
And Yes, the optimal solution would be re-writing.
(EDIT) That should have read 1.10 bindings!

Ok thanks for the information.
It works under OH2, I use it every day in my OH2 installation.
I will rewrite later on (not in the first months).

If you somewhat have tested it under OH2, why not report that on Github, the binding might be raised to 1.10 and be included that way.