Sonoff basic with DS20B18

Raspberry pi4 4gb

Connected sonoff basic with Tasmota to openhabian via mqtt

Got the relay working ok
Added a DS20B18 set up ok on Tasmota reading temp ok on main page .
Having trouble setting up things so can read the temperature reading.
Please need some help.

Check the tasmota console if and how the sensor readings are published.
Additionally you can use mqtt.fx or similar to check what is being published.

You didn’t tell us how and if you configured an item for the sensor reading

It’s publishing as tele/garage/sensor

Have set a channel up but need help on the
MQTT state topic and MQTT Command Topic

transform values
Do you need to do both incoming and outgoing?
Is this JSONPATH:$.garage.sensor.temperature

Have added JSONPath transformation

For a sensor you only need a stateTopic, in your case tele/garage/sensor
The incoming transformation would be:


Hi tried that and have no temperature reading in the control page
Is the channel meant to be a text or number value.
State topic
Incoming value transformation

On sonoff basic Tasmota
tele/garage/sensor has time, Ds18b20, temperature, temp unit

Is there anything else I have missed

Can we see the full things file?

And is this a typo? There’s no D…

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I guess the OP does the configuration on PaperUI only.

Just a typo here

Hi I am right in doing it like this

Generic MQTT Thing
Channels Garage light and Garage sensor
This is off the same sonoff basic with Tasmota

I believe MQTT is case sensitive. So it should be tele/garage/SENSOR and not tele/garage/sensor

Newbie here

But have the sonoff basic relay working with

stat/garage/power and operates the relay ok


Have tried

tele/garage/SENSOR it works ,it was sending out every 5 mins didn’t wait

But I have the sonoff relay working with
stat/garage/power in lower case that works

How come?

Maybe tasmota accepts POWER and power. Who knows.

It’s sorted

Have altered the TelePeriod to 60 instead of 300 so is sending a reading every 60 secs