Sonoff BasicR3 openHAB development

Hi All,

My name is Daniel from Sonoff Marketing, Sonoff has released a new product Basic R3 which support DIY Mode to integrate third party open source platform, we also have published our API for users to develop LAN control for the device.

Who should I contact to talk about openHAB integration, anybody help?

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I think, most users of the sonoff devices here in the forum flash the tasmota firmware (or any other) to use the sonoffs with mqtt and integrate it into openhab.

But i think it would be a great idea for non-nerds, which have problems with this. Using your api would be much easier for them.

What about calling-home of your sonoff-software for R3? Most openhab-users don´t want their switches to send anything to chinese servers or something like that…

Looks like Basic R3 is just a simple sonoff-switch with a new housing and a new firmware (with diy-mode)? Any other difference to old sonoff switches?

I’ll second the previous post.
Users of openHAB most likely tend to Flash the existing sonoff devices in order to have them work locally with openHAB. If your firmware would support a “local mode” (for example connecting to a local mqtt broker) the need to flash would vanish. The possibility to control such devices from outside the local net is handled via openHAB anyhow.

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Welcome to the openHAB forum! I applaud your company’s moves in this direction, especially the LAN control API!

Since this is an open source project so you don’t really have to talk to anyone. There is no permission necessary to develop such an integration with OH. But this also means that all development is done through donated labor. All the developers, document writers, and helpers on this forum are volunteers who are not compensated for their time and effort.

If your company is willing to create and build a new binding that would be totally awesome! I’m certain that a number of users would find it a tremendous boon. If not, then we will have to wait for a developer to volunteer to develop such a binding which at a minimum will require the API to become published and available and for the developer to possess one of the devices.

Given that the new API is REST, integration with OH may not even require a binding, though that would be better. The existing HTTP binding and HTTP Actions may be sufficient for this sort of integration.

Thank you for reaching out to this community. I look forward to seeing where this new product goes.


Where could we get information about that API? I browsed the itead page, but could not find any information.


“We also have published our API…”
Where could we find that, I looked allover your website but not a single shred of info, other than “Use the REST API…Stay Tuned”

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If you are asking for payed developer time: create an Issue on and add a bounty to it.

The code will be published under the Eclipse license version 2.

The New Basic R3 have three key differences

–Change the enclosure material
–Improve the RF performance
–Support DIY Mode for LAN control

We have attached a demo DIY mode tool and API protocol on Github, you can refer to below link.



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Thanks for your reminder.

In the future, Sonoff will launch more devices with DIY Mode LAN control.

Let us look forward to it. :slight_smile:

I attached a API protocol link with a demo DIY Mode tool but was flagged as spam.

I just ordered 2

Why is this github link flagged?

Here it is again…

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Sorry about the flag. The forum software is configured to not allow new users from posting multiple links to the same domain. I’m looking into how to unhide your second post but it looks like halloween has posted it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There is unfortunately no “real-time” interface (like MQTT, websockets, server-send-events, http long-polling) to retrieve the state. A binding would need to fall back to polling :confused:

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found it, thank you. Will order a couple

On Youtube, we demostrate the demo of how DIY Mode working, have fun.


@Zhan_Sida, is it still possible to flash these with Tasmota ? I much prefer their configuration options.

Yup, you are still able to flash Tasmota firmware, but the device is no longer coverd by Sonoff warranty.

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Why You don’t support MQTT? That would be easier for everyone. Many similar devices have ability to turn on MQTT.

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