Sonoff compatiblity with openhab

can i use sonoff switches with openhab ??

Hi Welcome to OpenHAB.
To awnser your question.

  1. yes.
  2. most of us reflash them with custom firmware (Tasmota , ESPeasy & espurna)

Depends on your liking. most of my Sonoff’s run Tasmota. i run some of my switches with espurna .

they run mostly with mqtt.


first of all thanks allen for answering my question .
excuse me my knowledge is still weak in this field , i just was following a guide of some one for how to make your home smart . i will be very grateful if you give me a guide on how to reflash sonoff swiches with custom firmware .
could you help me ?

What switches do you have ?
and do you feel comfortable with electronics ?

this is the sonoff switch that i have .
in electronics i have a bit knowledge but i’d like to study it in more depth .

Its very easy, read this Although some sonoff stuff comes with diy mode which will make it even easier.

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Here is some reading to start of with. Just on my way home from work. Then i can give more links. Currently using phone.

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You may also want to watch a few YouTube videos about flashing the sonoff and the different IDE’s for flashing. I like using Atom but there are several that work about the same.

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Hi Mohamed
i dont think that one reply in the fourm will set you to the full path
my advise is keep wacthing , this kinds of videos , not all of them are gold
but you can learn allot , just watching someone else do it… for exmaple you will need somthing to flash with… there is allot ways of doing that , maybe you have somthing at home that can help you
like a RPI?

ok thanks , i’m gonna to check it

waiting …

you are right , i’m gonna to take your advice

i’d like to ask a question . what do you mean by " reflashing " , you know i’m Arab , the translation of the word gives Unrelated meaning

Loading new firmware on to the device

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There is a new tool called “Tasmotizer”, wich makes flashing very easy.


This was my insperation. check out his videos.

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