Sonoff Dual R2 additional GPIO

i would like to read 2 switches with an existing Sonoff dual. i just need the signal of the switches, i won’t control the sonoff dual with the switches, is need the signal for other thing, but i want to avoid adding another wemosd1 or other thing just to get these 2 signals.
any idea if the sonoff dual can do this?
br dave

Slow down and please explain :slight_smile:

from what i can tell you want to use free GPIOs of the sonoff ? to read a state of two switches , not related to the sonoff?

sorry for the late reply.
yes this is what i want to do. is this possible?

  1. install/flash
  2. read this

you need the part called switchmode
it will help you give a new topic to each switch

i never had a sonoff dual so cant tell you how exactly but this is the path i will take
good luck…

do you know if there is a plan where to solder gpio4 and 14?

i m still struggling in reading the two separate switches with the Sonoff Dual R2.
nobody here who has an idea how to go on?

Have a look at

Maybe share some details on what exactly you are doing and what exactly doesn’t work? Is your code available somewhere?