Sonoff flashing Sonoff-Tasmota vs. ESP Easy


Can somebody tell me the difference between this to firmware. as I can see it, the easiest way is ESP Easy because you just upload the firmware and then use the browser to connect to your wifi, no coding needed. All is done in the web browser. Correct my if I’m wrong.

Q1: Are they both supporting all the sonoff devices, Q2: Where can I find details of what is connected to the GPIO on the different devices

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Good question… I’m just waiting on some new tips for my soldering iron so I can put some headers on my sonoff devices that arrived a couple of weeks ago. So I’ll be watching this thread.

This video had me planning to download the Tasmota firmware first.

I tried both Tasmota and ESP Easy on the basic Sonoff and ended up using Tasmota. For my other ESP devices (Temperature logger i.e.) I am using ESP Easy.

I only testet Tosmota and I am happy with it so far.
It works without coding as well!

Another solution would be homie.

But I haven’t used it either.

Any specific reason for that? (Need to flash my Sonoff and actually wanted to use ESPEasy …)

Tasmota is more specific to Sonoff and is updated more frequent. All my other ESPs are running ESP Easy.


What do you mean with no coding, can you also connect the your wifi trough the web interface on the sonoff, or do you need to type it in the code before you upload the firmware

How can you find out what is connected to the GPIO pins. As a see it, there is differents between the relay, energy meter and the temperature sensor

You need to edit one file to build firmware and upload this. Bit more complicated than ESP Easy but worth trying.

Tasmota is great. Works smooth. you may find complex 1st time or u may have some issue but once u understand it it is easy.
It works with Sonoff , Node MCU(Gives Big flexibility with readymade functionality)

I use ESP easy… it works without any problems, this is how you create your item:

Switch so1 "Garage" <light> {mqtt=">[mqtt:/sonoff1/gpio/12:command:ON:1],>[mqtt:/sonoff1/gpio/12:command:OFF:0]" }

Good luck!


I am using ESPURNA via http binding because i don´t use mqtt, item config:

{ http="<[[secret]:60000:MAP(] >[ON:GET:[secret]&value=1] >[OFF:GET:[secret]&value=0]" }

I am using ESPeasy on all my devices (not Sonoff’s). I like it, but it does feel like overkill for a simple switch.
I would second checking out Espurna. I found it to be pretty slick.

I’m personally not a fan of the way Tasmota does things, but lots of people use it successfully.

Tasmota works with ALEXA
( if you turn on HUE / WEMOS Emulation )

ESPEasy does not work with ALEXA

just my 2 cents
tested with Sonoff 10A and Sonoff Dual

I am using Tasmota firmware on my Sonoff Pows and ESPEasy on my other ESPs (selfmade modules with different sensors).


I have multiple sonoff devices and using ESPURNA with mqtt. works great.


I wrote a series of (longer) posts on comparison between ESPurna, ESPEasy and Tasmota - you might want to check them out:


Getting firmware:

Connecting and configuring:

Developing firmware:

Hope you’ll find enough data points to figure out which one is for you.