Sonoff mini not command the light

I have tasmota on 15 devices. Mini and basic sonoffs.
Only one is not working.
I have it installed and working properly for 2 days. Then it was not turning the light on or off. Even pressing the wall switch.
It is responding to commands trough mqtt and http. It plays the “clicks” when I send a command, it’s showing in my Habpanel and Paper UI like it’s working perfect. The led is working too. Everything looks right but it’s sending just 12v trough the Line Output (being turned ON or OFF) and the light doesn’t turn on or off.
Any tip on this issue?

Does your light bulb work in the first place?

Yes. It was working for 2 days. Then I took off the sonoff and I’m using the light with the regular wall switch

Sounds like a relay failure. The contacts can weld together when overloaded. But sometimes, devices just fail.

Power the whole thing off, and use a meter to see if relay contacts open.