Sonoff mini

Raspberry pi4 4gb

Hi have flashed sonoff mini via Tasmota

Have added to things got it to work via Paper UI and Basic UI ,but when I switch the manual switch it doesn’t update the paper or basic UI on the state?

please post your configs

That’s all I have done is there anything else I need to do?

did you do your setup via paperui ?
download mqqt explorer and connect to your mqtt server. and se what messages get sent if you push the manual button .

I’ve set that ok ,the sonoff mini switches off and on via paper and basic UI

ok have a look at your settings.
mqtt state topic : you have it as tele/light/power
your terminal shows : state/hall/power

if you use the tele/hall/state you need to use json to get the power state out.

Cheers Allen

How do I use that state,I am just starting out on this

Will I have to make a rule for this or just use JSON?

In order to get the power-state out of the stateTopic you won’t need JSON, however your used is wrong!
It should be stat/hall/POWER . This stateTopic is sent each time the switch is changed.
If you want to have updates inbetween you would need to subscibe to the tele messages which are sent regulary (300 seconds). For those you need the JSON Transformation!

Thank you ,I’m new to all this ,how do I changed the state of the switch in basic and paper ui when the switch connected to the sonoff mini switches either on or off ,need some guidance please

You missunderstood my post!
The message starting with ‘stat’ is sent automatically each time the state of the power switch of the device is changed. That can be either by pressing the button on the device ( probably not on a sonoff mini) or if the device was switched either via a mqtt message or directly on the web-interface of the device.

Ok , I understand and see that in the Tasmota log on the sonoff mini,how do I update the change of switch state on the basic and paper ui,when I use the switch connected to the mini?

When I use the manual switch this doesn’t update the switch state in basic and paper ui,how do I make this happen?

As posted before the stat message is sent by the device when its powerswitch got changed (just tested it on my device). You should see the change on the UI nearly instantly.
If it doesn’t show either your wiring is wrong or the MQTT setup is wrong.

Hi do I add any thing to these settings or alter one?

Sorry I’m very new to this ,I find it challenging,but good just need some guidance

If you created that thing via PaperUI you can change all settings on the screens you showed.
If it was created in a .things file, you have to do the changes in the file. PaperUI will show those changes after the changed file got saved.

Hi yes ,was done in paper ui , items and sitemap created via homebuilder

What do I alter in the screens still learning about Open hab and MQTT

MQTT stat/hall/POWER happened as you said when manual and switch sliders on basic and paper UI

How do I send to switch sliders on basic and paper UI when manual switch is switched?

On the second screen you posted, the first setting is for MQTT State Topic.
Your faulty actual setting is: tele/light/power, it should be stat/hall/POWER ( although this has been posted for you several times In this thread!). After changing it, do not forget to hit the save button.

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Hi changed

MQTT state topic from tele/hall/POWER to stat/hall/POWER

It works

sorry I thought you meant changing it somewhere else.

Thank you all for you patience
I’m just learning

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