Sonoff Mqtt Double tap


i try to configure openhab2 to recognize a Double tap from a sonoff Touch (tasmota) via mqtt.

Could somebody help to configure this thing in openhab2?

The sonoff is currently working as a mqtt device in openhab2. So the normal function On/Off is working.

I’m not aware of an option to get a double touch signal from Sonoff Touch, but of course you can detect ON/OFF duration. If position lasts less than a Second, detect it as a double touch, if position lasts more than a Second, detect a single touch. Makes only sense if not using the relay

I got it working. I created a mqtt device with the double tap mqtt topic and a string value. So is not a Classic on/off switch. It just gets a string with the value TOGGLE from the sonoff.

Perfect. This was the last thing that i have to do for the change from fhem to openhab2.

Could you please add the topic (just in case somebody else wants to do the same)?

with Tasmota you can have long Double and single press

all are sent to the same topic, with different payload

Ah. I guess you’re up to this:
But as it is either “send MQTT when double press” OR “send MQTT when single press” I don’t see a real benefit. :slight_smile:

On the sonoff you have to configure the following in the console:
SaveData 1
SetOption1 1
SetOption11 1
ButtonTopic double
SaveData 0

The mqtt state in openhab2 must be cmnd/double/POWER1 and the string value TOGGLE or HOLD

With this function the sonoff has three functions On/Off, TOGGLE (double Tap) and HOLD.