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(NATI D) #1

Hello everyone
I’m green to the whole subject
I actually have 30 SONOFF products with TASMOTA on them
What I want is local control, with a nice panel on the tablet, with timers and scenes and the ability to control by Alexa.
Maybe I’m asking too much
I have RASPBERRY 3 + B with OPENHABIAN on it
And I managed (eventually) to get to the page in a browser with OPENHAB
From now on I have no idea what to do
I understood that OPENHAB should be defined as a client of MQTT BROKER
Is it possible that on this RASPBERRY I will also have MQTT BROKER? Because I can not leave another computer as BROKER.
Can I use OPENHAB in SONOFF products without MQTT?
in brief
There are not many programming capabilities.
Thank you very much to all the helpers

(Vincent Regaud) #2

Yes no problems

Yes with the tasmota rest api. But mqtt is far better and easier to use.

(Udo Hartmann) #3

a very easy to use mqtt broker is mosquitto, which is available for raspberry, and you could even use the embedded mqtt broker which is delivered within openHAB2.4 (maybe also OH2.3?) You may find it in
Paper UI -> Add-ons -> MISC -> Embedded MQTT Broker

(Jürgen Baginski) #4

Did you consider reading This?.

If that doesn’t help, you should consider reading the beginners documentation of OPENHAB (use the link Documentation on top of this page).

(NATI D) #5

Thank you very much vzorglub and Udo_Hartmann for your help
I really appreciate people who give themselves and their wisdom to others in particular when I feel that I do not understand anything
So I understand that I can turn the RASPBERRY into MQTT BROKER, which means I do not need anything other than the RASPBERRY hardware.
The RASPBERRY of course is connected to the router and to the network where all the switches are located.
So I installed MQTT BROKER as you wrote through ADD-ON and I set a name and password and did not define a port (I’m right?) And did not understand what the “secure” means.
I also installed the MQTT BINDING via ADD-ON.
I understand that now I need to set the DEVICES SONOFF to the name and password I defined in MQTT BROKER, right ?.
So step by step …
Installing the TASMOTA on the SONOFF,
Installing OPENHAB on the RASPBERRY ,.
Installing MQTT BROKER on the OPENHAB
Setting the name and password of the MQTT BROKER
Sets the name and password on the SONOFF
Installing the MQTT BINDING on the OPENHAB
What next?
And again thank you for your help

(NATI D) #6

HI opus
I read all the documents for beginners
And that mostly made me a blackout
I understood a small part and the majority seemed to me like gibberish
And I know myself that I understand much better with personal guidance
And thanks again for that

(Jürgen Baginski) #7

Those documents have been written to give guidance ( the persons answering in here migth even be the ones that have written the document).
One advice, go step by step, for example start openHAB and create a single item and show it on the sitemap . Having mastered that then try to add a device. In case of sonoff/tasmota the page I have linked above does give all the needed steps ( even if you have to follow a link to understand mqtt).
If you have a specific questions at ANY step there are lots of people willing the help!

I was in the same position as you are right now, the learning curve was step but with the help of the forum members it was a peace of cake.

(Vincent Regaud) #8

You can also follow this:


(NATI D) #9

The truth is that after I read some of the documents, I gave up
I’m not interested in becoming an expert
I just want to connect my devices to OPENHAB
I can install, set some, but no more than that.
I can not learn Arduino just to install TASMOTA on the SONOFF
And I can not study Linux just for installing OPENHABIAN on the RASPBERRY
And I can not study dozens of MQTT documents just for MQTT BROKER set
Etc. etc’
I do not want to learn MQTT, I just want to use a simple panel and control my home
I need the guide who tells me the minimum information I need to reach the goal
And every guide given here (and I tried to read them believe me.) Requires a few reading pages about things I just can not figure out
Anyway thank you for trying

(Vincent Regaud) #10

If you are not willing to put some time in it you’ll never have a good home automation system.
Just buy a ready made one for big bucks

(NATI D) #11

Just a pity that I invested in the RASPBERRY.
You may have an idea about such a finished product to invest in.
thanks anyway

(Vincent Regaud) #12

That will be quite an investment. They are very expensive

(Gad Ofir) #13

Hi Nati please call me 0523519988 :slight_smile:

(NATI D) #14

After I gave up, I saw this guy’s series

And everything became clearer
Highly recommend for beginner