Sonoff NSPanel Pro as an openHAB control panel

I bought one of the new Sonoff NSPanel Pro. It runs Android under the hood and has a built in MQTT broker and ZigBee co-ordinator.
What I’ve discovered that I can do from Blakadder sideload is that I can sideload the openHAB Android app apk. It then runs using the sitemaps I’ve created. I need to create some smaller sitemaps (the display will show 8 items) perhaps one per room.
I don’t use HABPanel but that loads too so I presume that will work too.
Might be worth a look.


This is super cool - I should get one of these to play around.

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This is the HABPanel view

How does OH3 Layout Pages show on this? Mine arrived today going hopefully get time this weekend to try is out.

Tuya also doing android based panels.

I still use sitemaps rather than layout pages but, as it’s using the Android app, as long as your layouts are square they will fit on a page view (but you can scroll down).
I have it mounted in a lab-style 45 degree socket box on my desk. It’s mains powered but the 5V and 0V header pins are available between the mounting plate and the screen so, in theory, it could be USB powered. I’ve not yet had the courage to replace my MQTT broker and ZigBee co-ordinator with it…

i hack it also :slight_smile: running matrix theme on habpanel, but its 400x400 so need to be adjusted. What i am trying to do now is to software hack the zigbee firmware to upload a router firmware there.

I think Blakadder has already done that.


How good is this? Thinking to buy one.

I have nspanel. It is very limit.

It’s totally different. Running Android and has ZigBee and an MQTT broker built in. Have a look at Blakadder’s review.

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yeah but as far i know he did it by soldering wires to the zigbee chip, i want to find a way to do it by serial directly from android

Hi Philip,
This is very cool.
Is it possible to use the Temperatur and humanity sensor and at the same time when you use it as an Openhab sidemap panel?
Thank you.

NSPanel Pro have no temp/humidity sensor as far as I know. So there is nothing to measure. Only standard NSPanel has an inaccurate temp sensor.

BTW I also got one of these. My plan is to install Commandfusion iViewer App, which I’m using on my other Android panels to check it like in my idea here: Tiny Android-based TFT wall panel

Hi Philip. How HABpanel works on it? Can you remove control bar from the screen? Is it fast responding? Can you use geistures to swipe between pages? Can you change brightness for night/day move?

To anyone - did you try other options for HMI?

Just played with NSPanel Pro a little bit. Installed HABPanelviewer App as with Openhab app I could not really show dashboards in full screen and kiosk mode - there were always bars on top and bottom like on photo from Philip above.
Looks pretty nice actually and quite responsive.

The display is always on and I made brightness adaptive using standard settings - so it does not blind at night and bright during the day.

When I removed the bottom status bar it was difficult to get back to HABPanel if something went wrong. I also had issues with the screen timing out when I used the brightness settings so you’ve done better than me…

I played a lot with Blakadder tools including his own written for brightness/proximity sensor and found that they are still unusable.
HABPanelViewer on the other side allows launching apps, so getting back the status bar is quite easy then.

Installed Automagic on NSPanel Pro and added there a flow, which enables proximity sensor as described here: Use Proximity Sensor to Wake Screen on NSPanel Pro and Tuya Smart Home Panels | Blakadder's Smarthome Shenanigans
Only instead of waking up the screen my flow sends ON command to the OH switch item using HTTP GET request, and the rule in OH switches the Habpanel from the Clock to the Lightning dashpanel. Works quite well, even if my proximity sensor is a bit broken (I disassembled the panel once incorrectly). After 1 minute of inactivity OH switches the Clock dashpanel back.

Interesting to check what non-broken proximity sensor would report. The minimum value I get from my sensor is 2400cm and it starts increasing only when I put something closer than 25cm from the screen. Does non-broken sensor work on longer distances?

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hey guys, a bigger version of this panel:
Tuya S8 - 6inch screen with a knob

btw, sonoff nspanel pro is a clone of Tuya T6E (TYZS13 Module)

this device is “hackable” in the same way as all these clones:

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Just wondering - does anyone have experience with Tuya / Smatek S8E? How to integrate it in Openhab?

you just sideload openhab android apk (OH client) on it, and thats it, its integrated :slight_smile:
it’s a controller on the wall that looks the same as your phone.
Of course you can create custom sitemap/dashboards that you would like to show on that wall controller

there is some tinkering to do via adb shell…
Android Debug Bridge, framebuffer open small screen adb shell “su -c ‘echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb1/blank’” turn off small screen adb shell “su -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb1/blank’” open big screen adb shell “su -c ‘echo 0 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank’” turn off big screen adb shell “su -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank’”

and some more tinkering to get the relays working

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