Sonoff NSPanel Pro as an openHAB control panel

I bought one of the new Sonoff NSPanel Pro. It runs Android under the hood and has a built in MQTT broker and ZigBee co-ordinator.
What I’ve discovered that I can do from Blakadder sideload is that I can sideload the openHAB Android app apk. It then runs using the sitemaps I’ve created. I need to create some smaller sitemaps (the display will show 8 items) perhaps one per room.
I don’t use HABPanel but that loads too so I presume that will work too.
Might be worth a look.


This is super cool - I should get one of these to play around.

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This is the HABPanel view

How does OH3 Layout Pages show on this? Mine arrived today going hopefully get time this weekend to try is out.

Tuya also doing android based panels.

I still use sitemaps rather than layout pages but, as it’s using the Android app, as long as your layouts are square they will fit on a page view (but you can scroll down).
I have it mounted in a lab-style 45 degree socket box on my desk. It’s mains powered but the 5V and 0V header pins are available between the mounting plate and the screen so, in theory, it could be USB powered. I’ve not yet had the courage to replace my MQTT broker and ZigBee co-ordinator with it…