Sonoff POW R2 from ALIexpress

Anyone got experience with these? The price is very attractive.

Additional Questions:

  1. Compatible with US plugs?
  2. Can be installed behind typical power outlets (inside gang box)?
  3. Would work with openHAB ?
  4. Do they come with their own App ?
  5. Overall experience so far …

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. The plan is to install them behind appliances that consume much (TV, kitchen appliances, Computer, …)

This is not a plug&play device - since it has no plug you have to install the wires.

You need to alter the firmware by flashing Tasmota. Then you can use MQTT …

  1. Dunno. I have 5 of these, and live in europe. But the devices has nothing to do with plugs. You can mount a plug if you want to though. Or put them inbetween your plug and your TV etc…
  2. I wouldnt think so. Its rather big.
  3. Yes either from its original firmware or flash it with Tasmota and use MQTT, (I have flashed mine and use MQTT).
  4. Yes.
  5. For the price, they´re very good. I use them for energy/power monitoring only. Never use the switch option. It´s online all the time.

Thank you Gentlemen. My initial post was a bit premature … I should have read a bit more before posting … :(.

In any event, I think I have the answers to all my questions now and, while the Sonoff R2 POW has good features, it is not suitable to install in simple plugs/contraptions … while being consistent of the building code where I live. Yes, this is a hobby, but at the same time one does not want to mess with ‘exposed’ wiring as (from personal experience) the home insurance company won’t like it too much.

I’ll continue my search for power monitoring, and post findings if/when I find something ‘suitable’.

Maybe Blitzwolf BW SHP2 will suit your needs …

It is not as bad as you think.
If you got a wired lamp, just cut the wire, and connect the two loose ends to the Pow R2 in and out. Thats basicly all you have to do. (remember to unplug the lamp first ofcouse :slight_smile: ).
You can also connect two pices of wires to the Pow R2, and wire a plug (femaleat one end, and a male at the other). Then you just add it to your exsting wired lamp. Like an self made extension cord, with the Pow R2 inbetween.
It really is that simple.

Another option is to get a plug socket like these with power monitoring:

But if you need it behind your wall box, then its probably way too big ofcouse. There are suitable devices for this purpose. But I´m not sure if they´ll run WiFi.

It all depends on your needs.

Hello Kim.
Have you successfully flashed “choifoo” brand smart plugs with Tasmota?
If so OTA or wired? are they ESP based?

No, only POW R2 and Sonoff RF bridge. I havn´t tried upgrading via OTA yet.

Do you own a choifoo smart plug, or why did you recommend it?

Nope dont own it. And havn´t recommended it either. This thread is regarding the POW R2.

I am sorry.
While it may not have been a recommendation, you did post this link, no?

Interesting link in this thread…
Oh well - Guess it’s non-related, my bad

I did post that link as an example of using a smartplug insted of a Sonoff POW R2 to measure the energy (power). I could have mentioned any smartplug devices, this was just an example for showing options for measuring the energy :slight_smile:

OK. Will it fulfill OP’s question 3?

Dunno… You have to read more about it, and see if there is a binding for it.