Sonoff RF Bridge, trying to receive commands from remote controls using an intertechno like command

I got my RF Bridge, in my case the one with the green illuminated Sonoff placard. Flashed it with Tasmota 5.12 and connected it to my WLAN.
When sending commands with my remotes the bridge just blinks red once but there is no entry in the console. What am I missing?

Hallo Jürgen,

the RF-Bridge has problems (fails) to decode Intertechno Codes correct.
Sending if you know the right codes works very well.

For receiving i use a cheap 433Mhz receiver with a arduino pro mini 3.3 Volt (does the decoding) connected the TX pin Arduino to RX pin of a Wemos D1 mini running Tasmota (latest build with serial hardware bridge).
With this i get via MQTT the received IT Codes.
Here is the decoding library for the arduino

I just modified (a little) the simple receive example.
If you are interested i can uplod the sketch for the arduino

On the Web Console (Wemos mini) it looks like this
22:24:15 MQT: tele/sonoff-17DBAE/RESULT = {“SerialReceived”:“1377617”}
22:24:20 MQT: tele/sonoff-17DBAE/RESULT = {“SerialReceived”:“1381460”}
22:24:20 MQT: tele/sonoff-17DBAE/RESULT = {“SerialReceived”:“1381727”}
22:24:21 MQT: tele/sonoff-17DBAE/RESULT = {“SerialReceived”:“1381727”}

Thanks for that info. I was looking for a way to receive messages (I was planning to use standard wall switches which send intertechno codes) with the Bridge. If the bridge can’t receive those, the Sonoff RF wI’ll probably fail as well.
Time to start thinking about an alternative.

I have a similar scenario. With my setup i can send and receive all 433 Mhz
commands. The RF Bridge can send IT Codes very well. It has a strong and powerful transmitter! Just receiving IT Codes is faulty!
With this setup i have correct status of all my switches in OH.
The bridge works very well in receiving “1527” Codes.
Many newer devices use this coding for 433 Mhz devices.
I use cheap from Ali…(only battery driven) PIR 433 Mhz Sensors to switch “things”