Sonoff switch for including classic PIR in OpenHab

I am still searching for a stable non-battery driven PIR for outdoor usage.
There is one from Steinel only ZWAVE but not using ZWAVE+ yet.

Now I read some information how to include a doorbell on PIN 4 and 5 of the sonoff switch - and this brings me to the idea to include a classic PIR using these cheap and stable sonoff devices into my OpenHab.

I would like to use the PIR signal (typically 230V) for the sonoff device.
I don´t need to use any physical output of the sonoff just would like to use the signal (WLAN) for OpenHab.

Is this possible:

  1. Can I put the PIR 230V to the sonoff
  2. Does the sonoff create a WLAN signal to inform OpenHab?

Thanks a lot

Sonoff can send MQTT

I would use a 3,3V pir-sensor

Thanks a lot for this information,
but they all use a little 3V PIR and this isn’t for outdoor usage.

Can I somehow use a classic outdoor PIR and modify this to send its switch signal to the sonoff - means how can I use the 230V signal - can I?

With a upstream relay it sould work. But attention, it’s highvoltage and you sould know what you do.

OK I do understand, that´s easy

So I can use my existent wonderful and stable outdoor PIR add a relay to get a switch signal (close signal) for Pin 4 and 5 on a simple and cheap sonoff switch.

Two little things:

  1. Which sonoff switches to use here, I guess I will need to take a sonoff device to be connected to the 230V power supply, right?
  2. And just to confirm this switch signal on Pin 4 and 5 will release a MQQT signal (via my WLAN) to my OpenHab network?

No statement to the 230V connection!

Thanks a lot!