Sonoff talking to Xiaomi without a new firmware

I have the Xiaomi hub and temperature sensors and the Sonoff switches. Why mix them?

I had the Xiaomi already and you can add the temp sensors to many places without the switches. Also prefer the Sonoff as a switch as it has the CE marks.

Did not want to go and mess with the Sonoff wiring, looks easy enough but wanted to see if other options where easier.

  • Install openHAB2
  • Use the Xiaomi app on your phone, about menu and double tapping (good instructions online)
  • Use the openHAB2 inbox and add any things
  • Add items for the things
  • Install the openHAB Cloud
  • Configure the Open cloud in the service and add the items
  • Create an account in (need to search for ID and secret)
  • Your items should appear
  • create an IFTT account
  • Open your IFTT add the ewelink account
  • Open your IFTT and add the openHAB account
  • you can now mix Xiaomi and sonoff in IFTT rules.

Its a lot of kit to keep running, it works but flashing might be easier long term :slight_smile:

Yes it will work, the problem here is that you are relying on two Chinese cloud providers…
I know, I wouldn’t

Agreed (well at least one as the openhab is covering the Xiaomi).
And since then have discovered that IFTTT is not the greatest coding platform for complicated conditions. Might have a look at the rules engine in openhab.

I feel some soldering coming up.

Why soldering? The flashing is done in seconds and only need once. I used male-pins and held them into the holes. Worked on Sonoff Basic, TH, Dual and RF Bridge.

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…and - What’s the best and easiest method for a Sonoff Basic? What is the simplest procedure ?