Sonoff Tasmota Bme280 incorrect data

Raspberry pi 3b+
Openhab 2.5.0
Sonoff Basic + Tasmota 8.1 + l2c

Hi guys i have a problem with bme280 sensor. Normally everything works fine in Tasmota and sitemaps are displayed correctly but sometimes the sensors hang and show incorrect data e.g. pressure 1200hpa restart sonoff does not help just disconnecting from the power supply for a while. Someone had similar problem, any solution?!


Yes that happens when the sensor is becoming saturated. Get a new one

They are new. Eight sensors one is working properly :confused:

They are new. Eight sensors one is working properly :confused:

Check your connection.
Or get new sensors

Did you find a solution for your problem ?
As Vincent said pls. check your connections first. I made some tests with a d1 mini, flashed with tasmota 8.1

no connection/bad connection will show you something like this in WevUI(don’t note AM2301):

Check your gpio-settings in WebUI and of course on BME280:

after that you should see something like this in your WebUI/BasicUI:

As mentioned check the connections and if you still have issues try flashing one of the Sonoff devices with EspEasy firmware to see if that makes a difference. I have the same sensor and it works fine with EspEasy.

One other thing to check is interference in the wiring from surrounding higher voltage wires. If you have some ferrite beads they might can help.

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…that’s the other possibility to solve the problem :wink: