[sonoff Tasmota] Doesn't use the system-time?

I have flashed my sonoff devices with Tasmota 5.12.0 and tzhey are working well with my OH2.2 setup.
Looking onto the console of the devices I see all reported times are off an hour in relation to the systemtime (as used by OH). That offset could be not using DST or…
Checking from a PC using mqtt-spy I get messages containing the time (12:00) reported at (13:00 DST).
Is there anything I should have done to correct that is it a known problem or should I just forget about it?

you can request your timezone in the console:

13:56:36 CMD: timezone
13:56:36 MQT: stat/sonoffHeatingIR/RESULT = {"Timezone":2}

or you can set it. I assume, you’re in MESZ? then it’s timezone 2, set it

13:56:33 CMD: timezone 2
13:56:33 MQT: stat/sonoffHeatingIR/RESULT = {"Timezone":2}

that should do it.

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Thanks for the response.,
Do I have to change back to Timezone 1 at the end of DST.

depends on how you configured your sonoff in the first place.
but that’s indeed a good question for that I found this one

after reading through this and some more thoughts, I guess timezone 2 would be indeed just the offset, so technically it’s just GMT+2. And so i guess, it won’t change back to standard time.

but if you have defined TIME_DST and TIME_STD in user_config.h correctly, you can use Timezone 99 and should be good to go!

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