Sonoff Tasmota rules/GPIO Status via MQTT

Platform information:
    Hardware: RaspberryPI 3
    OS: Openhabian
    openHAB version: newest

Hi, i got a question about Tasmota.

Does somebody know, if its possible, that Tasmota send me the Status of an GPIO over MQTT every 10 minutes?
In ESP-Easy its possible to define rules, so it is easy :wink:
But i prefer Tasmota, becase i think its more stable.

I hope that somebody can help me.

Thank you!!

The roadmap you should use is this.

  • Set GPIO as switch on Tasmota. Look as Switchmode and Switchtopic commands also for configuration of the new-seperate MQTT topic.
  • Check on Tasmota web console your MQTT topic as you alter the GPIO status. The MQTT topic looks like xxxx/xxx/POWER1 for a Switchmode and Switchtopic configured GPIO.
  • Now the GPIO has it’s own MQTT topic. You can query this with an OH CRON rule every 10 minutes or grab the GPIO events as most cases do.
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