Sonoff temperature / humidity sensor in white

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I plan to use some Sonoff switches which will be flashed with Tasmota firmware. To monitor temperature / humidity in several rooms I’dlike to use the Sonoff TH 10 with a sensor. Sadly the Sonoff sensors are all black and my walls, switches, power-outlets etc are all white.

  1. Does anybody know a temp / hum sensor with a white case?
  2. Or ist it possible to color the Sonoff senors (Si7021for example) white? I think of opening the case, remove the sensor, color the case with white color spray, then insert the sensor again. Would this be possible? I haven’t had such a sensor in my hands, just saw them on images and don’t know if it can be opened.

Any thoughts on this topic and pointers to possible solutions are welcome.

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I believe you could use any dht22 modules out there. You just don’t have the plug, but need to solder it in place. Or buy a plug too. There are dht22 in white boxing, I recall.

BTW, your setup will work well, I use those.

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The AM2301 sensor i think opens a bit difficult. In one project i had to cut it on the back and i think the 2 pieces of the case are glued, they didn’t come apart even the smaller cut pieces.

As said, the DHT22 sensor comes in white casing. yoy can make a good aisthetical result by using white thermoplastic to cover the wire and connectors of the DHT22 sticking out of the Sonoff.

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Thank you for that hint. I think I will use a DHT22 in a white case that’s already wired and cover the wires with white shrinkable tubing.

Just as a reference for others looking for this: it should be possible to use a Sonoff Basic with a DHT22 alongside with an external push button to toggle the swith as described here:
This way you can switch it using either the push button (momentarily) or via MQTT. You can also receive the state via MQTT when using the push button. This seems really smart to me.

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best of this scenario is that you still have GPIO1 free

Hi @ngalfas, can you elaborate on that? What could I use GPIO1 for?

every free GPIO is usable with Tasmota. You can hookup one more sensor, a reed switch, or even one more relay!

if you are going to use the TX RX pins on the sonoff remember to have the tasmota serial logging option to none!

Tamsota sensor configuration

yesterday i made a sonoff touch with a BMP280 sensor. This needs two pins because of the I2C data bus.

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