Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus detected my Zigbee motion sensor, but it's still offline?

Hello all,
sonoff detects my Zigbee device for smart home but it stays offline all the time.
I have installed on the raspberry z2m and mosquitto. Does anyone have a tip to fix the problem in OH3?

If it’s a battery device it might take a bit for it to communicate with the coordinator. I’ve a couple of water sensors that remain offline for up to 20 minutes after OH restarts.

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Without further information about your setup it is impossible to diagnose the problem:

  • motion sensor not supported by Zigbee2MQTT
  • mosquitto: configuration wrong
  • MQTT binding not installed
  • MQTT bridge misconfigured
  • MQTT Thing misconfigured

I use a Raspberry Pi as a server. It runs openhab 3.0 and I have installed mosquitto and z2m.
With the help of the Sonoff dongle I wanted to integrate my motion detectors (both Zigbee devices). This works as soon as the dongle is online you can create a thing about the zigbee binding by activating the scan and pairing mode.But now the Dongle switch from online to offline.

I use the model ZBDongle-E.

crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 166, 0 Apr 21 20:01 ttyACM0

lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Apr 21 19:38 usb-ITEAD_SONOFF_Zigbee_3.0_USB_Dongle_Plus_V2_20220816134844-if00 → …/…/ttyACM0

UID: zigbee:coordinator_ember:56ad79e131
label: Ember Coordinator
thingTypeUID: zigbee:coordinator_ember
zigbee_port: /dev/ttyACM0
zigbee_channel: 25
zigbee_initialise: false
zigbee_concentrator: 0
zigbee_trustcentremode: TC_JOIN_SECURE
zigbee_extendedpanid: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
zigbee_baud: 115200
zigbee_flowcontrol: 2
zigbee_panid: 21050
zigbee_powermode: 1
zigbee_txpower: 0
zigbee_networksize: 25
zigbee_linkkey: 5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039
zigbee_childtimeout: 86400
zigbee_networkkey: 1A449E2B6EA4E797CDA22C060D1CC708
zigbee_meshupdateperiod: 86400

What is still missing is the information about which Zigbee sensors are involved (manufacturer, model no., …) …

Visit | Zigbee2MQTT for information on whether your sensors are supported by Zigbee2MQTT. Possibly your sensors are not supported by the openHAB Zigbee binding. In this case you should provide a fingerprint from your sensors (see ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB). Providing a fingerprint would be the first step to add support for your devices in the openHAB Zigbee binding.

BTW, I can confirm that your ZBDonge-E is supported by Zigbee2MQTT.

Can you clear this up? You either:

  • Use zigbee2mqtt and the MQTT Binding in openHAB, or
  • The Zigbee binding in openHAB.

But not both.

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You might be affected by EMI. Try to use a USB extension cable between your RaspberryPi and your USB dongle.

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