Sonoff Zigbee Bridge "No supported clusters found"

i have flashed a sonoff zbBridge with router firmware following instructions from here hoping to use it as a router.It gets discovered from my Ember coordinator as a router but when i add it as a thing i get "Offiline,“No supported clusters found”.Any ideas?

If it’s just a router, and has no functionality (ie it’s not a light, or something else) then it will have no channels as there is no user function. It will still work as a router though.

It will work as a router even that it seems OFFLINE?


The OFFLINE status is just an openHAB state - it doesn’t mean that the device is not working in the network. Since there are no usable functions, the binding doesn’t do anything with the device - there is nothing it will poll, and therefore it will be marked as OFFLINE. But it may still be available, and work in the network.