Sonoff Zigbee ZBDongle-E - windows

Hello, I need some help. Im a newbe for the zigbee communication.
I have brought a Sonoff Zigbee ZBDongle-E coordinator (I installed the zigbee binding and used what I found on the net to how to setup the coordinator) and 2 Sonoff zigbee SNZB-04 door sensor. The firmware that I can see on the coordinator is and the coordinator is online, but Im not able to add the two sensor to my OH, because when I try to scan there will bo no device.
I attach a picture from the settings in my OH.

Someone can help me? Maybe there is a problem with the configuration or idk.
Thank for the help!

After initiating the scan, do you do what ever is required on the device to put it into pairing mode?

I dont know how to put it to pairing mode.

Read the instructions that came with your sensors.

You have to pull the plastic tabs out to connect the batteries and then press the pinhole buttons. I can’t remember how long you have to press.

thanks manage it to connect to my network