I don’t think there’s an existing binding for SONOFF Basic 2.
I can’t find a complete guide to make it work with OpenHab.
Can you please explain me or send me to a complete post about this device ?


Where to even start?

The sonoff devices are running on esp8266 chips. Hardly anyone around here keeps the “original” software. Popular ones I know about are tasmota, espeasy, and espurna. That’s far from an exhaustive list.

If you’re an arduino fan you can just write your own program for them.

To control them most people will probably recommend MQTT but they could also be controlled over HTTP or any number of ways you like.

I have some of these running tasmota, some running espeasy, and some running my own arduino sketches. There are “bonus pins” inside that you can use - I have one that I just use these bonus pins to control other devices instead of using the built-in relay.

You’ll decide on how you want to use your sonoff and get searching from there.

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Look at the following links.

most of us who uses Sonoff devices. run them on custom firmware and use Mqtt.
Go and Read on them and you will have to decide what firmware to run.
All work on the devices .
I use Es-easy on some generic esp8266 units for remote sensors.
espurna on my Sonoff T1 us Switches.
and Tasmota on my Sonoff ifan2.

and use mqtt for coms.

P.s : they all need some form of flashing the devices. and is at your own risk. but I have done about 15 devices to date. and had no problems.

You can also look at