Sonos - Auto Discover .things & Now Playing Not Displaying

Having installed the latest Sonos binding though the Paper UI, OpenHAB found my Sonos devices and added them to the inbox. I was able to add and configure the channels. The issue I have is when I view the device from openHAB I can skip, pause, play and change the volume but the current track is never displayed.

I have checked the channels configuration and they are enabled. I have also followed the binding Wiki and set up the example using my settings as below.

If I could have a little guidance on where I should be focusing my efforts that would be great!

Site Map:
sitemap demo label=“Main Menu”
Frame label=“Sonos” {
Default item=Sonos_Controller
Slider item=Sonos_Volume
Switch item=Sonos_Mute
Switch item=Sonos_LED
Text item=Sonos_CurrentTrack
Text item=Sonos_State

.things file:

Thing sonos:PLAY5:Kichen [ udn=“RINCON_ABCDEFGHIJKKMNOPQ”, refresh=60]

.Items file:

Group Sonos

Player Sonos_Controller “Controller” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:control”}
Dimmer Sonos_Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:volume”}
Switch Sonos_Mute “Mute” <soundvolume_mute> (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:Kichen:mute”}
Switch Sonos_LED “LED” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:Kichen:led”}
String Sonos_CurrentTrack “Now playing [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:currenttrackuri”}
String Sonos_State “Status [%s]” (Sonos) {channel=“sonos:PLAY5:Kichen:living:state”}

Could it be that you are using the wrong Channel Type ID? I see that your item Sonos_CurrentTrack is using the currenttrackuri channel, perhaps you should use currentrack instead ?

I have the same problem. I can send commands but information like current track, album or volume is not displayed (empty string or 0)

My Playbase for example shows this channel for Current Track (maybe it’s different for Play 5s)


I can use this as channel at it shows the current Track.
What is your PaperUI showing for the available channels for the Play 5?

This is the corresponding screenshot of PaperUI. In my case, it’s a Play 1.

If you click on “show more” on the top right of the menu it should open more channels including the currenttrack channel.


Unfortunately, there is the same problem when I include the currenttrack channel.


I found removing the device and the binding and reconnecting them cleared all the issues I had.

I have exactly the same problem. Only removing the speaker (things) and the binding and reconnecting them, isn’t solving the issue. Any ideas?
I have two Sonos One connected, both are found automatically and I can add them as new things. Control of the speakers (player controls, mute, stop, favorites, volume) are working, but only uni-directional. No updates on track names, volume (if change outside of openhab) or uri’s are working. Is the binding broken (due to the last updates of Sonos)?

Any help is welcome


After disabling


in /etc/default/openhab2

everything is working. So I have to secure my openhab installation in some other way.