Sonos beam HDMI ARC - Turn on TV

Hi all,

I’ve carefully read the Sonos Documentation but somehow i could not find it.
With the installed Sonos Beam Skill on the Amazon Alexa enabled I can say things like
“Alexa Turn on the TV”.
This is done via HDMI ARC through the Sonos Beam.
The same for sure for turning off the TV.

is the same thing possible also with the Sonos Binding?


Your use case doesn’t seem to be supported by the current Sonos Binding.

As a workaround you could probably use a combination of:

  • Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill
  • Exec Binding and cec-client
  • HW requirements: HDMI cable, Raspberry Pi or USB CEC interface
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Hi Ap15e,

I already fixed it with the Alexa binding :slight_smile:
It’s a workaround but it works.