SONOS Beam v2


So has anyone successfully added Sonos beam v2? The player control and volume works, but strings and album cover art does not. Has something changed? My other SONOS stuff works as expected.

Just noticed the same issue with my setup. Those channels used to work fine on OH3.3.x. I wonder if something changed with the version of the binding in 3.4.x?

Open an issue on github so the developer can see/investigate.

Is it the same as [SOLVED] [Sonos] Media information items stay UNDEF ?

Adding the UPNP binding does not solve it. Neither to try and combine the SONOS binding and the UPNP (choose channels from both bindings to the same device). Nopne of them returns album art, artist or title. Player control and volume still works through the SONOS binding, as well as the stop command. It is not critical that I do not have current track information, but it is annoying.

Well I know why now. SONOS is slowly dropping UPnP as protocol for most things other than basic commands in favour of a HTTP/HTTPS interface. All SONOS device will eventually switch to a combination of UPnP and HTTP. UPnP is for discovery and basic system status. Music control, playback metadata, commands for other than play/pause/next/previous and volume, will be through the new HTTP and HTTPS interface only. However the HTTP interface will work with with JSON request and response bodies, and will offer much more features and functions. So I guess someone (not me, I am not a developer. My development skills are for lightweight scripting only) will have to create a new binding at some point.

Beam gen 2, SONOS Arch gen 2 and later, will be able to support mediacontrol and volume with the current binding, but that is about it. No current media information and such.

What is worse is that to use it, it is a registered developer feature (registration is free and there is only a fee if you looks to register as a recognized integrator), and it goes through the central SONOS CLOUD API. With builtin microphones in the newer SONOS gear, it seems that control of our SONOS equipment is now happening from the SONOS apps and over the internet.
As a professional working with security, and who is very privacy minded, SONOS became a risk in my home. :frowning:

It seems there WILL be a control API over LAN. It is not available yet: