Sonos Binding and swedish letters

I have several Sonos speaker in my house and it works great as long as I do not have any Swedish letters in the Sonos device name.
I add them in .things file like this example:
Thing sonos:PLAY1:Tvättstuga “Sonos - Tvättstuga” [ udn=“RINCON_XXX”, refresh=60]

Error message:
Configuration model ‘play1tvättstuga.things’ has errors, therefore ignoring it: [1,21]: missing EOF at ‘Ã’

Is it possible to add a Sonos device that have Swedish letters or do I have to rename the device in Sonos?

Just remove the special character from your thing UID:
Thing sonos:PLAY1:Tvattstuga “Sonos - Tvättstuga” [ udn=“RINCON_XXX”, refresh=60]

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That was easy, I am new to openHAB and I thought that name was used to identify that Sonos object, but i guess that the udn is used for that.

It is working now.