Sonos Binding causes problems with rules after a Reboot

I’ve have major trouble using rules. I went through a complete new install, believed a failure due double used names…
After rechecking everything I found the problem and I can reproduce.
My SetUp: OH2, Build #462 (Online)
Bindings: Intertechno and Sonos
Rules using Cron statements are working all the time
Rules using “System started” or “Item XX changeg to ON” are NOT working if the Sonos Binding is installed, Things are discovered and the system is restarted once (Reboot).
I checked it several times, when removing all Sonos-Things and the Binding, then Rebooting everything is working again.
Did anybody observe the same? Am I doing something stupid?

I have no clue whether it is related or not: But I fixed a bug yesterday, where I observed that items were duplicated by accident. None working “changed to” rules often were due to duplicate items as we have seen in past discussions.

I just triggered a new stable ESH build, so this fix will be available in tonights OH2 distro. Maybe you could have a try with that to see if it makes any difference.

Will try that.
I really feel ashamed for reporting about that so much, , sometimes thinking it is solved, getting it back overnigth (probably a reboot), …

Having found a way to reproduce the problem will help now.
I’m keeping fingers crossed till tomorrow.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Well, I feel ashamed that you have so many issues with running the rules…

Having found a way to reproduce the problem will help now.

Definitely yes - I hope we get that working reliably again, then we should be on a good way to beta4 :slight_smile:

Installed build #464, and it’s working.

However the problem was again Me.Stupid.
Did I misunderstand the explanation on how the Channels from Things had to be linked, or isn’t that point explained at all?
What I did (using the builds before!) was adding the Things and with that getting some of the channels automatically linked (in Item Linking Simple Mode OFF). At least that is what I believe was happening.
Using the .Items file I connected Items to those channels like:

Player PlayKueche_Controller (EG_Kueche) {channel=“sonos:PLAY1:RINCON_B8E937E0C16201400:control”}

If I understand correctly now, be having automatically linked channels from the PaperUI AND linking them also in the the .Items file “something” goes wrong!

After the update to build #464 I see that only in Item Linking Simple Mode ON that channels are connected by the PaperUI automatically. My observed failure, when using the .Items file as above, is still coming up there (the correct usage would be NOT to connect channels via .Items file in this mode).

When using Item Linking Simple Mode OFF, no channel is linked automatically, and if I try to link a channel an additional window is coming up for naming the item which this channel should be linked too.
In the buils before that window did not come up.

Now I do not link any channel in PaperUI, all linking is done in the file. My rules rules are working again.

Learned a lot, did a couple of stupid mistakes,…